Saturday, October 4, 2014

An Update

As you have likely noticed, I've been a bit quiet on the blogging front. I generally don't talk too much about my outside life, but in this case it's directly impacting my work and ability to keep to deadlines, so it's time to let you all in...

I went in for surgery this week to have polyps removed from my sinuses that had been giving me a great deal of trouble. My surgeon discovered that this wasn't polyps, but was instead a cancerous tumor attached to the smell receptors in my brain. I'll need follow up surgery with a neurosurgeon to remove the tumor, and may need radiation and chemo at the back end to continue to fight this. At this point there are a number of unknowns.

That said, I am in a good place with my creative projects (the core rules for Saga of the Splintered Realm have been lingering at 90%+ done for a few weeks as I dabble with it here and there) and I plan to continue working at that as I spend time at home. However, I want to say that I may drop in and out of visibility quite a bit, and I can not guarantee a January release for the game or weekly updates for the comic - my life is just too unknown at this point. I know that it will help me to have positive things (like my game and comic) to focus on, but I also know that by letting you all in, I'm relieving myself of possible stress that could hurt my recovery.

I am grateful that I have a strong group of friends, great family, and strong faith that are going to get me through this. But it's going to be a fight.

Thanks for your support and understanding.


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