Wednesday, December 30, 2015

And Now From the Far Edges of Space

I'm back to tinkering with the sci-fi future version of Saga of the Splintered Realm, and I'm making up characters and playing as I design. It will slow down the process, but it should make it more fun to tinker with... and I'm coming up with cool background/concept stuff as a result.

Here's a design for the Void Splicer. It was a Terran Shuttlecraft 40 years ago (before the Great Purge), but has since been modified by the Glyn Engineer Gizmo, who lopped off its stabilizer wings, added a jump drive on an external wing hinge, and ret-conned a pulse cannon on top. Other modifications include an overhaul of its internal operations, routing all controls to allow for single-pilot operation of all systems, a reduction of the hold and expansion of the engine room to accommodate all of the extra energy demands of a jump drive and pulse cannon. It has since become the property of the mercenary Golrik Venn, who uses it to work jobs as a freelancer.

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