Sunday, March 1, 2020

MTDAA Twilight Has Arrived

What if the B/X engine was used to create a mashup of a certain 1980s para-military post apoc game, another game set in a world of rampaging mutants, and the coolest elite military unit comic of all time?

It would probably look like this.

Michael T. Desing’s Army Ants: Twilight is two things: first, it’s an ongoing narrative about a group of ants at the end of the Ant/Wasp War, © Michael T. Desing. It is also a roleplaying game for two or more players, released under the Open Game License.

As a reader, you will hopefully decide to follow the exploits of a team of army ants on their greatest, and possibly final, adventure.

As a player, you will take on the role of an army ant or an allied bug, traversing the wilds. You will join with a team of other bugs to overcome the challenges that the referee places before you. You will use these rules, an assortment of dice, and your imagination to craft a shared tale of your adventures.

This core ruleset, which is also the first issue of the ongoing series, is released as a PWYW book in glorious full color, the way the 1980s would have wanted.

As part of the "Army Ants are on the MARCH" promotion, all other Michael T. Desing's Army Ants titles are also PWYW through March 31! Now is the time to get caught up on all things army ant.


  1. The "ABOUT MYSTICAL TALENTS" section(as well as the class descriptions themselves) says wilding and psionics unlock at respective attribute scores of 14+.

    The "MYSTICAL TALENTS" section on the other hands says a score of 13+ will do. Which is correct?

    As a sidenote, the possible uses for Psionics are super vague. While I realize that some level of abstraction is fully intended and indeed needed in a game like this, the uses for Wilding are IMHO much better defined without taking up a lot more space.

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  2. Thanks. It's 14+. I'll correct that. I will also look at the psionics descriptions and tighten that up.

  3. I threw together a quick n dirty fillable PDF character sheet.

    'Rex' the army ant I rolled up to test the character sheet.

  4. Sure, let me know if you see anything that needs tweaked or corrected.

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  6. Thanks for clarifying the Psionics description. Much appreciated =)