Saturday, March 21, 2020

Termites Designs Colored

Here is an update with the colored drawings, both with and without a background (with background will be the one that goes in the game). A few observations:

1. I like how I draw. I really do. It took me a long time to get here. But now, when I draw something it almost always looks like I have it in my head. My style and this game/world align perfectly. My style is a little off for a supers game, and doesn't always work for a fantasy system, but it is spot on for the tone and style of what I want here.

2. These designs are the 'anti-ants' in effect. My first army ant designs had mandibles and black eyes. The first handful of sketches looked too evil to me, so I quickly got rid of the mandibles and made the eyes red (or simply white in black and white, but I knew they'd be red if I ever colored them). Basically, these guys look the way I expected the army ants to look when I first conceived of them.

3. I'm actually learning how to color. Like, for real. These are pretty mono-chromatic, but that's intentional. And, I used the colors of actual termites as inspiration. So, they are kind of organic feeling, because they're based in organic insects. Color wise, they are also anti-ants.


  1. Your art style is distinctive. I don't think a realistic look for anthropomorphic insects would really work.

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