Tuesday, December 28, 2021

First Look: Venn Golrik

First, the bad news. It has been several months of really bad news, followed by more really bad news, but I guess the worst of it is that my cancer has returned; I am going for more testing this week, with surgery and radiation likely to follow, and more intensive interventions still on the table pending lab work. So, yay me.

Okay, the glass half full view is that I'm going to have some free time... and I need something to busy my mind so I don't spend all of my spare time staring into the void. So, I'll put that void into a game and let the heroes 'pew pew' at it for me. I'm big into the Star Wars Disney + show thing, and I got a 'Boba Fett's Starship" (Slave I to the rest of us) LEGO set for Christmas, so I'm all into this vibe right now. Enter a revised version of Shards of Tomorrow. I had some notes going, and pounded out more yesterday, and this morning put together my first character design for the game. Here's Venn Golrik, my Han Solo/ Peter Quill avatar. I gave you a process look in the four stages. I should have kept a sketcbook one, but deleted it before I thought about posting this way... here you go.


  1. Hey Mike, I am really sorry to hear about your bad news, if you need any help / support please let me know.
    I love your Venn Golrik design :).

  2. Appreciate your creative energy -despite the unwelcome circumstances. Best wishes going forward with your cancer treatment.

  3. Hi, Doc! We’re all here for you as much as we can be, and for my part, I’ll offer my unbridled enthusiasm for your new project! I think the time is right for a new edition of Shards of Tomorrow, to go right next to my copies of SOEC and “TSR” :). Venn looks really cool, and I dig seeing the process pic! Keep us updated as you can on everything: we will be here!

    1. "SOEC" he says: I still call it that in my head! I of course mean The Stalwart Age!! :)