Tuesday, May 2, 2023

Dispatches from the Pale Issue 2

The second issue of Dispatches from the Pale is now live. It's got revised and streamlined character creation rules that I really like, and an introduction to Sky Stalwart's world. I know that I posted a few days ago about the importance of sidekicks, and I kept fiddling with using Kirby in this role. 

But I kept thinking of PeeWee Herman - "I'm a loner, Dottie... a rebel".

Sky Stalwart is (very) loosely based on The Odyssey, and the Odyssey is all about how one guy ends up all by himself trying to get home. Having a sidekick makes him 'not on his own' so much. Furthermore, the dynamic of Kirby's personality doesn't create as strong of a contrast with Sky as it does in my drafting with Skye - he simply works better with her. I figure I'll keep that on the back burner for another time. Instead, I gave him a clockwork dragon sidekick. This makes more sense - it is a toy that he made for his son, and he keeps it with him as a reminder of his family. This is more on brand for the character. So, Clockwork the Dragon it is. 

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