Saturday, May 6, 2023

The Elusive Improved Stat Block

Creating the perfect stat block is something that continues to elude me. I worked a bit on stat blocks for Stalwart Age when I first released it, and then made some modifications when I did Shards. In general, the Shards block looks cleaner. Throughout, I had replaced semicolons with vertical slashes (not sure if those have a specific name), and they gave the whole thing a sleeker look. I also re-formatted from columns to across the page, so a wider rather than taller stat block. Finally, in this example, I went back to the original drawing and added a few bolder lines that make the image pop better. Below are my before and after stat blocks for Bronze Beacon. It's still in progress, and might see more adjustments, but it's coming along... Edit: After getting some feedback from Mary, I came up with option #3, which might be a bit stronger...

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