Saturday, July 30, 2011

What If...

You took a Rubik’s Cube… and 54 geomorphs each reduced to exactly the size of one square on the cube… and you glued them on. Every time the heroes leave a facet and come into a new one, you grab the cube and give it a few random turns. If and when the heroes step off the edge of the cube, you have a chance that they:

1. End up in a portal leading out of the Labyrinth
2. End up in one of the major lairs of powerful creatures that rule the Labyrinth.
3. Wrap around the corner and go to the next facet.
4. Hit a piece of unshaped ethereal space that the Minotaur King has yet to discover. If the heroes are powerful enough (or have recovered a fragment of the true map) they can actually shape this to their will, creating a home within the labyrinth that they can lay claim to.
5. Jump to the next Rubik’s cube you’ve developed, that has 54 different geomorphs affixed to it… (come on, you know you have the free time!)
6. Step off the edge of the universe and fall into the bottomless gulf at the edge of eternity.

Wow this is freaking me out.

I HAVE to build this thing.


  1. Thanks! I finished my 36 geomorphs yesterday, and I haven't decided if I'm going to knock out 18 more to get to 54 for the cube, or double some up for 'more common' morphs that appear in the cube.

    I also think maybe it needs an 'entry' at the center of one side, with an entrance from 'above' that allows entry.

    With this, each center square would have to be special as well- maybe these are designated as pre-keyed areas, or lairs for boss mobs, while the other facets are all randomized.