Friday, March 30, 2012

Last Call

As I've been going through and preparing for the launch of Resolute: Legacy (April 1 PDF/ April 15 print), I've been looking over the big catalog of stuff I've published and I've reached a threshold moment...

It's all coming down.

If my goal is 'one game to rule them all' (and it is), then I need to make sure that everything I offer is completely compatible. I've left previous materials out there because much of it is cross-compatible, but with some key changes coming (i.e. the basic dice mechanic), this older material only creates confusion on the player end of things. Rather than try to figure out how to help people convert it all (rather counter-intuitive for a 'simple' game system), I'm going to take everything in the back catalog down, and then re-build from the ground up over the next few months.

I'm not only launching a new game edition, but basically re-launching my entire publishing company as well. You can expect the blog and forum to undergo a bit of a facelift as well to align with the new rules. Let me know what you think.

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