Monday, March 19, 2012

Showing My Work

I realized today that I've been doing a good job drafting the next version of Resolute, but I've been doing a pretty poor job of talking about it! I'm here to rectify that... this is what I expect to be the first in a series of posts giving you some windows into the newest edition of the game. Some quick things:

1. It's going to be called "Resolute: Legacy". I feel like the new edition of D+D should be called "Dungeons and Dragons: Legacy Edition", so I stole the name before they used it! The idea is that the game world has continued on, and all of the great heroes in the world have fallen during the final messari invasion. It went poorly for everyone, and heroes have to rise from the ashes to fight the onslaught of chaos.

2. As of today (and this is subject to change- I waffle on this about once a week), I'm planning on releasing the book as a 40-ish page digest-sized version in both print and pdf options. I have been using an iPad for the last few days, and I have learned to see how useful a tablet-sized version could be.

3. I've made some substantial changes to the basic rules, and I think these are both more flexible and cleaner in play. Here's a sample power from the new rules (again, subject to change) that shows how the new rules play out with a power I've traditionally struggled to solve to my liking:

Growth (Ability)
You can use 1 turn to grow. When you grow, you take a -1 shift to evade. You boost both your might and fortitude, based on your growth rating. You must use 1 turn to return to your normal size, or you automatically return to normal size when incapacitated. You can choose to grow to any scale up to your maximum available scale, but you only get the benefits of the selected height rating when you do this.
For example, with growth +4, your fortitude +2 boosts to fortitude +5 (a +3 shift since your growth rating is more than 2 points better than your fortitude rating), and your might +7 boosts to might +8 (a +1 shift since your growth rating is more than 2 points lower than your might rating).
You grow to your rating multiplied by your normal height; a 6’ tall super with growth +5 can grow to as tall as 30’; the same super with growth +12 can top out at 72’ tall.

Descriptor (Ratings) Growth Results
Exceptional (+1 to +3) Large; 1x to 3x your normal height.
Heroic (+4 to +6) Huge; 4x to 6x your normal height.
Superior (+7 to +9) Gigantic; 7x to 9x your normal height.
Titanic (+10 to +12) Gargantuan; 10x to 12x your normal height.