Saturday, March 31, 2012

Resolute: Legacy Now Available

The wind billows your cape. It's truly beautiful up here above the sky. You rarely get to notice anymore. The lush cloud tops spread out before you. The sun warms your face. You wish it could stay this way forever... or even for a few hours. But it cannot. Squaring your jaw, you turn downward, falling to earth. Under the clouds, the city waits. A fire burns in the north ward. The bank's familiar alarm chimes in the east. Far off on the water, something rises from the deep.

Your legacy calls.

Resolute: Legacy is the latest version of the Resolute game system. The little game of big adventure gives you all you need to create supers ranging from street-level brawlers to earth-shaking titans, and everything in between.

This revised, streamlined and intuitive superhero system features:
• A single D12 (or optional 2D6) dice mechanic for all action resolution.
• Complete rules for building all types of superhero characters, including detailed listings of over 60 abilities, and rules for customizing your abilities to fit your character concept.
• Rules for superhero-scale combat. If you want to pick up a car and throw it at a foe, project a force field, or crush your opponent in your bare hands, Resolute allows you to do it.
• A simple bonus system that scales all the way from characters who can barely lift 50 lbs. to those who can lift in excess of 500 tons.
• An evocative backdrop that provides seeds for ongoing campaigns, 12 adventure hooks, and rules for character advancement and refereeing the game.
• Rules for vehicles the supers can purchase and use.

Resolute's 1st and 2nd Editions were named a Popular Copper Picks on RPGNow, and both won praise from a number of reviewers. This new, streamlined version is the most elegant and versatile superhero system available.


  1. Love the new edition! I do have questions. What's the difference between fortitude and toughness? Are traits still 2CP?

  2. Well, snap! Fortitude is the ability I decided to go with and Toughness was the earlier draft version... that I never deleted. That's going to bug me for a while. I'll edit that out before I release a print version.

    And yes, traits are still 2 CPs each. My early draft of the Player's Guide has enhanced traits at 5 CPs each, and we'll see if these make it through play testing alive...

    Thanks for the positive feeback!

  3. Thanks for an awesome game. It's become my default supers rules. Can't wait to see what's next. Any chance we could get some sourcebooks on the aliens and old gods?

  4. That's great to hear! Aliens and old gods are on the list of things to eventually get to ... although I'm not sure in what format. I suppose "Aliens and Old Gods- the Sourcebook" would probably cover it, and the old D+D Deities and Demigods book with cosmic entities thrown in is not a bad way to approach such a project...

    I truly appreciate the support and positive feedback.

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