Monday, February 10, 2014

Can One Post Contain THIS MUCH AWESOME?

The answer... I don't know. But let's find out!

1. I AM the next OSR Superstar. Okay, that's not exactly a fact, but power of positive thinking and all of that. I have my three entries written up, and I'll be giving them a final look-over tomorrow before sending them Tenkar's way. Best. Contest. Ever.

2. Second. Best. Contest. Ever. I entered Dyson Logos' super-awesome map contest, where I got to finish a map that he started! This was a great deal of fun, and it was a challenge to try and mimic Dyson's cross-hatching style at the scale he does it. Man, but he has a tight style! I could not get my lines as fine as his (I don't think I own a marker that makes lines that thin - and even if I did, my fingers just don't work at that scale) but I tried. I'm pleased with the effort, although you'll see that his blog is already filling up with incredible entries - there are some great mappers out there!

3. As backers for the KS know, the cards for Shakespeare Deathmatch came in today, and they look sweet. Don't believe me? Take a look for yourself...

4. Oh yeah, I also updated my webcomic (cause I have all of this free time, apparently). You should probably get caught up on that.

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