Monday, February 24, 2014

Gettin Out From Under It!

Gosh by gosh by golly but it's been tough to get things done and posted. However, here are some quick updates:

1. I posted a new Army Ants webcomic. It's a week late, but I'm crossing my fingers that I can get back on schedule from here on out...
2. I've been plugging away at Shakespeare Deathmatch. I'll do a proper update in the next few days, but I do have the character cards well underway; I worked up a template for the character cards this weekend (that took a few hours - I didn't like how they were turning out, but I finally got a format I liked) and I worked up the first 12 cards. I also went through all of the responses from backers and organized requests - many of these are quite different from my original plan, and I'm trying to honor the requests of backers as much as possible while still staying within budget. We'll see how that goes...
3. I also continue to gather notes for my OSR BX re-vamped edition. I like how it's coming, but it's a slow process as well (and my lowest priority right now).

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