Friday, February 28, 2014

Shakespeare Deathmatch is DONE!

I put the finishing touches on Shakespeare Deathmatch tonight, and placed my order for a proof copy of the rules and character cards. They are a bit more pricey than I was hoping/expecting, but I should still be able to cover all of my costs with the KS... (crosses fingers). I'll ultimately post a post-mortem (as I did with my Army Ants KS) so you can see all of the costs and how I used the $ to produce products.

I want to wait until the cards come in to give them a final proofreading. At that point, I'll be finalizing both the game cards and the character cards/rules, ordering physical copies of everything, and sending e-mails to all backers with their pdf copies of the game (so you can see what it finally ended up looking like!).

Assuming there are no major snafus with the character cards (there weren't any with the playing cards, and that's when I was figuring out a lot of the logistics - I think I know what to expect this time), I'm looking at rough deadlines similar to this:

Feb 28: Order proof for the character cards (done)
Mar 14: Order bulk copies of character cards and playing cards to fulfill KS orders; send e-mail links to all KS backers with pdf copies of all game materials.
Mar 28: Ship complete game and t-shirts to all backers.

This means that all of you should have your KS packages in hand by Shakespeare's birthday! What a great way to celebrate...

Thanks for your patience and support throughout this process.

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