Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Campaign Hook and Some Character Building

Mikah the Chronicle opened a filing cabinet. It was amazing he knew which one. There were hundreds - no, thousands - of filing cabinets here. They sat in rows and rows, each filled (presumably) with file folders. Mikah the Chronicle produced one. He handed it to you. You read the label: “Last Known Location of Doc Stalwart.”

Campaign Hook: The Search for Doc Stalwart

At the end of the Stalwart Age, Doc Stalwart was the greatest hero in the world. He had overcome incredible challenges, defeating many of the most powerful villains in the world. And then, at the height of his fame and success, he disappeared.


That was twenty years ago. Eventually, people accepted that he was gone. Probably dead. Maybe at the bottom of the sea. Or at the edges of the solar system. Or in a far-off dimension beyond mortal reach. But now, he’s alive. Several mentalists have felt his presence in the world. 

The campaign is a loosely-connected series of location adventures wherein the heroes undertake a quest to find Doc Stalwart. As they go, they may amass clues that will allow them to find him and restore him to life. Or, maybe they won’t.

My idea right now is that I am going to write the adventure locations one at a time, and plant a seed in each one about the quest for Doc. I am going to make a character to maybe play test with...

Judah Jynx. The son of the ghost Zirah - Judah has supernatural powers.  I'm thinking a ghost as the character theme.

Let’s see what I get from random rolling:

Altered human. +1 to one attribute, +1 Feat rating.

4 Traits:

He’s like the invisible girl, but with a stun instead of the telekinesis. Hm. I need some way to do damage (right?) I don’t really like invisibility or swingline, but I’d rather have teleport. Actually, I am going to swap invisibility and swingline for blink. So, I have stun, blink, and phasing. I’m sort of a proto-vision kind of character. Definitely works with my ghost theme.

I’m going to take a drawback and pick up one other trait… not sure what. I need a way to deal damage, so I’m thinking a weapon of some kind (a sword like his mom?) He doesn’t need the sword - he is bound to the realm, unlike his mom - but he THINKS he does. He has panic attacks when the sword is not on him. 

He will take melee weapon, sword, with his bonus trait. So, he has:

Stun, Phasing, Blink, Melee Weapon

Rolling for attributes:

12, 14, 15, 12, 13, 12

Wow did I roll really well! I’d like to bump up that 15 to a 16, and while it doesn’t make sense to drop 12s, I don’t need secondary attributes that high. I’m actually going to drop the two 12s all the way to 10, giving me 2 points; I bump the 15 to 16, and the 13 to 14. Noice. I arrange as follows:

STR 12 (+3); INT 10 (+2); PWR 16 (+5)
DEX 14 (+4); CON 14 (+4); CHA 10 (+2)

For hit points, I roll 12 (I rerolled a 2 and got 6). That gives me 16 starting hit points.
My Feat modifier is +8.
My talent will be enemy (?) I don’t see this character having an enemy, but I guess he would… sure… hmm. Have to think on that more.

Armor class is going to be 15. 

I have to do some math on my traits:
My sword deals base 1d8 damage. Happy with that. It cannot be thrown (and if it could be, he wouldn’t; he’s got that anxiety about being separated from it, so intentionally winging it at someone else in combat doesn’t make much sense).
When I phase, I’m going to take +5 to AC (bumping it to 20), get +5 to hit and damage with my sword (instead of the +3 I get normally), and I can attempt a PWR check to move through solid objects. Dang that’s nice… I extend this to my blade (of course) which partially phases with me (or which channels some of my natural energy; something like that).
I have a stunning glare (to 90’) that forces a target once per turn to attempt a Feat (DT 25) or be stunned for 1d6 rounds. Nice.

He’s going to be a hero, and his purpose is going to be to honor his mother (who is trapped in the Shadow Realm, and is only accessed via a special mirror). He was born in the shadow realm, but then was brought over. I was going to go with his name (Judah Jynx) for his moniker, but I looked up ghost in the thesaurus and found Ether. I modified that for a moniker. And, reviewing my notes, I see that I forgot a +1 to one attribute. Oops. I throw that into DEX.

Judah Jynx; Hero 1
AC 15 (20 phased); hp 16; Feat +8; Sword (+4/1d8+4 -or- +6/1d8+6 while phased)
STR 12 (+3); INT 10 (+2); PWR 16 (+5)
DEX 15 (+4); CON 14 (+4); CHA 10 (+2)
Enemy: The Shadow King Asigoth (and his servants)
Blink (as a free action, up to 160’, 5x per turn)
Phasing (one action once per turn; PWR check)
Stun (one action; force target within 90’ to attempt Feat CR 25 or stunned 1d6 rounds)

I wanted a character a little bit like Nightcrawler; I think I have him. He’s definitely different, but he makes sense. 

About the Shadow Realm (also called the Vale of Shadows): This is a mystical dimension of dark energy. It is controlled by the Shadow King Asigoth, who seeks to cross over into our realm and touch all corners with shadow. His efforts were stopped by Zirah, who intentionally made herself a barrier between lands, preventing him from crossing over. 


  1. Beautiful! So much fun! I'm still making characters in my spare moments. I've got 7 done, but need to flesh out the stories and concepts a bit more. I've got to make a point to check this space every day! :-)

    1. Thanks :) I like the hook and this character for it for a number of reasons - the biggest one is that he can always escape. He's not going to go through and wipe out every location; he's going to go in, sneak by a few things, get the information he needs, fight a few foes if he has to, and keep rolling. He can go 'against' much more powerful foes as long as he is willing to cut his losses and run.

    2. That's very cool. I love playing characters like this! BTW, reading through your build process clarified some things for me. I wasn't 100% sure if you meant for the Trait received from Drawbacks to be chosen or rolled randomly. I see that you chose it here, which is cool and I think important for nailing down a concept that's started to emerge from character generation at that point. I like, however, that you rolled the actual Drawback and decided to live with the result. Quick question: What method do you use for rolling stats? I've been opting for 3d6 and rerolling 1's, which has led to some very impressive stats in most cases. I'm not complaining, mind you. I like my superhero and supervillain characters to be effective, and these are all NPCs at best anyway, but I'm just curious about what your preferred method is.

    3. I do the reroll 1s method rather than the extra die.

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  2. Hi! Apparently, my phone doesn't get along with the blog very well! I've been leaving comments over on the MeWe page because of that, but it looks like most of the action is over here! So: I am incredibly excited for this idea, and also very jazzed about Judah Jynx! It's very cool to see how smoothly you fit him into the SOEC world using the random chargen process: it feels like he's always "been" here!

    1. Thanks! And you can post here or there... I cross post and then check both, so it's all good.

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