Sunday, May 3, 2020

Sentinels Locations - First Thoughts

Doing some brainstorming for this project:

Nexus Rings are 50’ wide metallic bands composed of an alloy derived from several meteoric metals. These rings have been distributed throughout the known galaxy by the same alien race that created Doc’s ship. They require a complex activation sequence and possession of a ‘key’ that is composed of a comparable alloy. Note: There is an ancient alien race of scientist types who were good-natured, and who put a lot of things in place. They were kind of Ancient Rome on a cosmic scale, but they are now extinct. A lot of technology is their ancient stuff that is just being found now.

Introduction: Standard Locations (6-10 of them). These would be common ‘sorts’ of locations. There would be general commonalties, and maybe 3 sample floor plans for each one. Maybe a page of information, and a page with three floorplans… so a total of 2 pages each?
  1. Bank Floorplans
  2. Warehouse Floorplans
  3. Factory Floorplans
  4. Manufacturing / Processing Plant Floorplans
  5. Office Building Floorplans
  6. Goonsquad Fight Clubs
  7. Tunnels in the Depths

After skimming through the core rules, here are some sample locations that I want to develop:
  1. Harvyst’s House of Horrors. A maze of traps and illusions to drive visitors insane, crafted by the criminal Harvyst.
  2. Boondock’s Hideaway. Booncock, his bouncer Knuckles, and several of the villains who routinely stay there (just some more general villains for your use).
  3. The Penthouse Stronghold of Cybron and his criminal empire.
  4. The Jungle Abode of Simian Prime. The ape’s treetop fortress along with his mechs, battle suits, creations, and various apish minions.
  5. A school of young supervillains being trained by someone evil. Maybe an evil Hogwarts?
  6. The Volcanic Fortress of Marog Kyl. Set atop of volcanic spire on a distant world, inhabited by magma creatures, preparing to wage war as Marog tries to activate a Nexus Ring that sits in the shadow of his fortress.
  7. The Ruins of Demascus Station – a fragmented space station filled with strange and wonderful objects gleaned from a hundred worlds, now controlled by a strange sentient race.
  8. The Undersea Temple at Poseidon’s Beard. A vast undersea temple complex now held by a race of underwater militants and their various allies.
  9. Antiquity Isle. An island in the Bermuda Triangle populated by dinosaurs, protected by a dinosaur-riding savage, and watched over by a technological complex hidden deep in a volcanic crater, where scientists carefully monitor the isle’s inhabitants. Game stats for dinosaurs, prehistoric beasts, and savage peoples.
  10. The Powers Family Sky Fortress. The base of operations for the Powers Family.
  11. New Valhalla’s Fortress.
  12. Underground Mutant Stronghold in Meridian (map of Meridian? List of encounters?)
  13. First Family Dojo (See page 115).
  14. Vigilance Dam and the Hall of Heroes (see page 119).
  15. Witch Alley? (page 123)
  16. Arkovian Bunker where a villain holds sway. (see page 124)
  17. Marakevian fortress (see page 124)
  18. Part of Saltmere? (page 124)
  19. Part of Zualu (page 124)
  20. Mystic Tower of Zan Zelak. The center of the Keeper of the Mystic Veil, a well of all worlds, and the elder library of all known things. Stats for the Chronicle.
  21. Ro the Ravager’s Celestial Tower. Ro, the Voice of Ro, his various creations, and a whole bunch of weirdness.
  22. Ruins of The Tomorrow Complex. This could be its own section of the rules, with several sample levels. These could be themed with time travel, the undead, alternate worlds, and various strange laboratories. This could be five sections easy.


  1. You can NEVER have too many floorplans in a super hero RPG.

    1. I guess we'll find out if that is true...

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