Saturday, February 11, 2023

Revisiting Shards of Tomorrow

I saw this morning that I had missed two questions on DriveThruRPG for Shards of Tomorrow, and I had to check the rulebook to answer the one question... and then I started paging through the book... and then I remembered what a fantastic game this is. I am far enough removed from it now to be able to look at it objectively, and it looks like a really fun game to play. 

The biggest takeaway was how much is packed into 48 pages. I kept turning pages and going "oh yeah - wow - this is cool". I remember reading an interview with Dave Sim late in his run on Cerebus where he said he would look back at issues from a few years earlier and think how he used to be better than he is now - he wishes he could draw like that (even though, of course, he still could - it is just that he was more critical of his current work, but could be more objective and therefore appreciative of older work). I had a similar response to the game - "wow, I don't write games like THIS anymore".

I mean, of course I do. I must. I'm still me. But still, it was great to have the reaction that the game was something I'd aspire to create, and then to realize that I did.

If this sounds like a lot of navel gazing and self-congratulations... well, maybe it is. But is also makes up for several decades of feeling like my work wasn't good enough and that maybe I didn't have what it takes.

I no longer feel that way. It's a good feeling.

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  1. Oh, wow. This was published one year ago today. That's crazy-level serendipity.