Sunday, February 5, 2023

Top Rope Wrestling Game Resources

You can pick up a copy of the rules for Top Rope here.

Options and Plug-Ins Include:

Promotion Play. Promotion play is an extended 'campaign', where you build a promotion over time. See this separate document for a variety of options for promotion play.

Battle Royales. In a battle royale, all the wrestlers in the match are the ring at the same time. The goal is to throw wrestlers out. In general, wrestlers break into one-on-one matches within the battle. When a wrestler gets to stamina 0, another wrestler can try to throw him out of the ring. This requires a successful might check. If the check succeeds, the wrestler is thrown out. If this fails, the one who was almost ejected recovers 1 stamina and continues in the match.

Celebrity Matches. Sometimes for events, the promoter will get celebrities to team with existing talent. Often, this means teaming the celebrity with someone far more proficient and experienced. The celebrity is always built as a jobber, since they have only had a few weeks of training to prepare for the match. Most often, two experienced wrestlers team with two celebrities in a tag-team match; a celebrity must be the one to claim the pinfall against one of the wrestlers for the match to end. A celebrity match always draws x100 fans in Promotion play.

Elimination Tournaments. In such a tournament (typically 8 or 16 man tournaments), you recover 1 juice after each match; you have only so much juice to get to the end of the tournament. Elimination tournaments are often held for a new promotion to determine its initial champion.

Handicap Matches. Sometimes, a more capable wrestler will take on two lesser foes; a new wrestler to a promotion might take on two jobbers in a handicap match to try to build a reputation, or a tag team of lower-tier wrestlers may take on one of the upper-tier wrestlers. These are gimmick matches but tend to be popular. One side acts as a tag team, while the solo wrestler competes the whole time.

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