Thursday, February 23, 2023

Shards Stuff

I spent a few days mulling over how a space station might work as a larger play environment / megadungeon, and thought about how it could be used in a variety of ways. I want an environment that can:

  • Be revisited many times.
  • Serve as the foundation for an entire campaign / ongoing series of adventures.
  • Be used for one-off adventures.
  • Act as a launching point for campaigns that go in any direction.
  • Not just be the Death Star with the serial numbers filed off.

I think I've got something that works. Here's the elevator pitch:

When the Enteri faced extinction, they built an ark that would allow their species to survive. Scientists and pacifists by nature, they created a legion of bots to assist in the creation of this. Within their tallest peak, they built a massive laboratory that would survive their planet's collapse. It worked, and they spent decades floating in space, gather all manner of flora and fauna for preservation. However, their bots became corrupted and turned on them. Now, mad bots patrol its halls, strange creatures break from their binds, and the last remnants of the Enteri hide in the deep recesses of the complex, struggling for survival. 

I liked how work was going on material for Hack'D & Slash'D (with having a living online document as support), meaning that you can watch the design process in real time, if that's your jam.

Here's a link.


  1. This looks interesting. A lot of potential for the GM to take it in different directions.

    1. Thanks. The idea is that you can use it as directly or indirectly as desired. You can follow the given story threads, or you can totally move off in another direction.