Sunday, April 7, 2024

Dens of Discord

The first adventure in my 'classics' campaign is going to be a stop in the Dens of Discord. Among several cave complexes is hidden a shadow temple, where an acolyte is attempting to restore a demon lord to life. The fellowship is going to go exploring! The areas include:

  • A gully where a natural stream courses southward. Some giant ants live here.
  • A series of halls (west) that were built as a stronghold by dwarves centuries ago but now are held by goblins.
  • A natural mine complex the dwarves used that is now held by kobolds (to the east) - the kobolds and goblins really hate each other.
  • A water-filled series of caverns where troglodytes consume magic mushrooms.
  • An upper natural cave (northwest) where a one-eyed ogre lives, who collects 'taxes' from the others.
  • A hidden temple complex (northeast - through a secret door connected to the troglodyte halls) where the acolyte and some zombies are attempting to return the demon lord to life.

This is obviously not-so-loosely inspired by the Caves of Chaos. Clearing these caves and defeating the acolyte is enough to bump a fellowship from level 1 to level 2.  


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    1. Thanks - I feel like it hews close enough to the source material to be familiar, but with enough wrinkles to make it a little different.