Saturday, April 27, 2024

The Fighter/Thief/Magic User

One of my ideal characters back in the day was the fighter/thief/magic user. I wanted to level up one of those, but the reality was: 1) XP progression was abhorrent and 2) the abilities never really synergized. I mean, depending on the rules, you couldn't wear fighter armor - EVEN THOUGH YOU WERE A FIGHTER. In practice, it just wasn't very much fun.

But now I write my OWN games, so if I want to create an uber OP character, then I can - AND YOU CANNOT STOP ME.


That said, I do think there is a way to realize this archetype without breaking the game, and without doing too much wrangling with the rules. As for traits, it would have to be a 2/2/2 distribution, which right away limits it a little bit. That alone becomes an equalizer - you're a 'fighter' with half the strength of a comparable fighter, so you're already dealing less melee damage. You're a 'thief' with less accuracy... same thing for magic user with less INT. It already self-balances a little.

As far as tags, I know that I have to take mystic with common magic, and I've really got to pick up arcane too to be a mage. So, that's two of my four slots. Thievery seems more important than stealth (and I can still try to sneak without having stealth - I just don't get the bonus edge). Now... about the 'fighter' aspect... here are my options:

Brawler is +1 to damage with melee. That's okay.

Two Weapons, taking the shield as the second weapon (not a bad option at all).

Warrior is +1 to hit with melee. That's solid.

In building the rules, I assumed that warrior would be the go to (+1 to hit is a big deal), and that the +1 damage from brawler would be the second tag you select as a warrior. It separates the true warriors from the hybrids (in my mind). 

I could go fancy and take weapon specialist, but that in and of itself seems counter to my character concept; a jack of all trades who also happens to be a weapon specialist? Hrmmm.... don't think so.

With my 12 gold, I have to take a tool kit (3) and a short sword (4), which leaves me with 5... so either leather armor or a shield. Leather armor seems like the more obvious choice... Statistically speaking, the leather amor gives me a 4 in 12 (33%) chance of making an armor check, while the shield gives me a 44% chance (both becomes 55% which is really good for leather and a shield). I'm going with the shield!

He's going to be a moon elf, because he is.

Garvadon, Moon Elf Seeker

Armor 0; Hits 7; Move 40'; Shortsword (3)

Traits:    Might 2; Mind 2; Reflex 2

Tags:     Mystic (Common, Arcane); Thievery; Warrior

Gear:    Shield; Shortsword; Toolkit  

His signature spell is going to synergize the weapon and magic:

Glimmering Weapon (1). As a free action, check level to empower a weapon you touch to receive +1 edge to attacks for 1 minute.

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