Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I is for Intellicect

In going through my various notes and boxes of Army Ants stuff, I came across a draft of an Ant Forces Sourcebook that was never published for 2E. While many of the key ideas from this sourcebook ultimately made their way into 3E, one of the coolest things about it never did. I framed the book itself, and the introductions to the various sections, as memos from Intellicect Ladybug operatives back to their central command. Throughout, they were analyzing and commenting on the Ant Army, discussing both their strengths and their quirks, and providing some context for the various aspects of the ant characters. This worked on a number of levels. The Ladybugs have always been the Great Field's version of SHIELD, and the memos themselves helped to establish the vibe for the spy agency without having to actually say a word about the agency itself - which helped to maintain the cloak of mystery I'd like to maintain about it in general. The more you know about how a super-secretive spy agency works, the less effective that super-secretive spy agency must be, since they let you know about their cool stuff! I'm going to definitely dust some of these off and write some new ones, although I am a bit concerned about too much framing text - these + Troy's Take are going to eat up a lot of pages, and I will have to alternate them so they don't get redundant. However, a sprinkling of 4-6 of each carefully inserted throughout the rules will help give the flavor, and also echo that Star Wars Sourcebook vibe that I've been going for since day one of this project.

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  1. Sweet! Looking forward to see information on the Ladybug spy network. :D