Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Z is for Zero in the Tank...

I don't like to use my blog to whine... I try to avoid that. However, I just dragged myself over to the computer because I've made a commitment to post as part of the A-Z challenge, and today's the last day. I did it until today, and I wasn't going to let the fact that I'm beat and have a sinus headache that makes it hard to open my eyes stop me...

Okay, I was going to. Then my wife gave me a pep talk and told me to tough it out and post one more update. "c'mon" she said "you made it to Z!"

The problem is that I cannot focus enough to do the post I was going to do, Zero the Cockroach... so I'll talk about zero motivation instead.

I have thought a bit about discipline over the last few days, and how I want to really discipline myself in every facet of my life. I have found working on Army Ants to be good for discipline, because I have to keep plugging away at it a little bit every day. I'm not going to get the comics scanned or the book written in one day, so I just keep taking little steps every day, disciplining myself to get something done.

This daily blog has been a good discipline. I have to do it every day, and get it done, and the letter A-Z system makes me go outside of my comfort zone and maybe talk about something I might have otherwise avoided.

Publishing a weekly webcomic is going to be good for discipline. It's going to help me to have the expectation of a regular publication schedule to keep up with.

So even though this post has been rambling and probably pointless, it's been a good discipline for me to do it. I didn't want to. It was hard. I had a lot of reasons not to. I still did it. That counts for something.

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