Wednesday, April 17, 2013

O is for... Of Swords and Wizardry

I'm not part of Swords and Wizardry appreciation day that +Erik Tenkar has organized (much to my own detriment, as I'm seeing. This looks like it's been a great deal of fun for the participants) in large part due to the fact that I don't own Swords and Wizardry. I've read only a little bit about it, but the various blogs have piqued my interest. I'll be picking up something S+W before long and getting a feel for the system.

However, the thing that has struck me about this event is how large, invested, and genuinely cool this gamer community is. I'm only starting to really connect to the community, and I hope that one day my own game garners this much passion! It's truly impressive to see. Congrats to all involved.


  1. Welcome to the cult...err I mean Community!


    1. Thank you... I... think...

      I was wondering about the robes, candles and guidebook that I received in the mail from 'a friend'. It's all starting to make sense...