Friday, April 19, 2013

Q is for Questions of Quality and Quantity

As the director of a one-man show, I have to consider how to create a model for ongoing growth for my game and comic. I am quite comfortable with the sustainability of the game plan for Army Ants for the next while. I can maintain ongoing publications of a consistent quality I'm happy with while keeping my name and the game out there. I've considered mimicking how other companies build and sustain their games, but I always compare myself to companies with many and/or full time employees. I'm doing this on my own, and it's a part time gig (at best!). Therefore, the basic model includes:

- The comics. I will have the two back-issue collections (each over 200 pages) each priced at $14.95 print/$4.95 pdf. I will then create new comics via the webcomic, publishing a new page every week (at least at launch) with the hope of maybe going bi-weekly at some point down the road. I can use this to drive the book sales, and also create new collections every year or two as I get enough pages together to warrant a new print edition.

- The game. I will have the core rules (over 200 pages) priced at $14.95 print/$4.95 pdf. I will publish monthly updates via a free newsletter (which will have maybe 2-3 pages of new game material and the collected comic strips from that month). I would like to also follow this up with larger sourcebooks that gather and re-organize material from the newsletters (every 6 months would be great, but it's probably going to be longer stretches than this).

These two things keep regularly-published new material in circulation, but also primarily drive sales of the back issues or core game rules. The Kickstarter has truly worked exactly as intended, because it put me in a position to set all of these pieces in place. It's truly been an awesome thing.

Okay... back to scanning pages...

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