Monday, May 13, 2013

Almost... There...

Tonight, I finished the layout for the first volume of MTDAA comics. The book weighs in at 228 pages, and I expect that the second volume will come in at exactly the same page count. I have fewer pages of comics for that volume (right around 200) but I'll be putting in the sketchbook pages and other miscellaneous stuff that should push it up to 228.

I haven't decided exactly how to share this with Kickstarter backers yet... feel free to give me feedback on the options. I don't want to just e-mail a copy to each of you, because the file is pretty huge (almost 100 mbs). I could put it up on drive thru comics and then send a link to each of you, but that seems to create problems for people. I'm tempted to put it up on a file sharing site for a month and send the direct link to people. That's probably the way to go... I am a little nervous about putting up an unprotected file with no sharing limits for people to just grab, but then again:

A) the Kickstarter backers are people who invested in it already, so I know they value it on some level and won't just give it away willy nilly.
B) any belief I have in the sanctity of file protection is false anyway. If someone wants to pirate it, they will find a way easily enough.

In the end, I have to trust that people aren't going to just try to steal my comics, and that even if they get a free copy somehow, they'll swing by the blog and hit the donate button and send a few dollars... so, once I get the file sharing worked out, expect a link (if you were a backer and ordered the comics) in a few days for the first volume.


  1. Since I missed the Kickstarter, I don't suppose I could donate a set amount using the Donate button now and in exchange be added to your list?

    I've been looking forward to reading more than the first couple issues of the series for about 15 years here -- I can wait a little longer for them to turn up on RPGNow. But I'd be willing to pay extra to get it and the RPG at the same time as the rest of your backers.

  2. No problem! Let me know what reward level you want to be in for, and you can make the pledge via the button as you suggested.


    1. This is the sort of stuff I love to see from you Michael. And your fan base isn't just from your apparent appearances 15 years ago, as I've mentioned in our emails, I'm completely new to this and quite absorbed by your ideas. With some modern day abilities of advertising, It'd be awesome to see this blow into a big thing

    2. Now I just need the modern day abilities to advertise!

    3. I'm not sure I worded that correctly. I meant that in today's age, you can effectively reach your target audience, who will actively search for products they want in most cases, on free to cheap internet sources.

    4. I was just poking fun at myself that actually promoting my work is where I tend to drop the ball... I am working diligently not to do that with this run.

  3. Done! $75 on the way. Junior Warrant Officer, please!

  4. When you get a chance, send your email, snail mail and t-shirt size to me at