Friday, May 10, 2013

More Updates? Are You MAD?

A few (comparatively) brief updates:

- I'm 95% through scanning the first comic collection, and I've started organizing for scanning the second collection (I was missing some of the high-quality copies of the original pages for scanning, but I think I found them this evening!). I'll keep plugging away on scanning, but my goal right now is to get the first volume out well before August. We'll see... maybe as soon as the next few weeks!

- I've placed orders for everything for Kickstarter backers except for the lunch boxes, which I'm still not done designing, and I'm still not happy with the quotes I've found on those. The quest continues... however, t-shirts, patches and tattoos are all scheduled to arrive to me within two weeks, and at that point I'll be putting together backer packages for anything I'm direct shipping (because the RPG and comics will be direct shipped from the printer). This means that some of you may get your initial Kickstarter packages rolling in as soon as June 1...

- The webcomic continues on. I've got the next short story after Slab Smash ready to go, and I found 12 pages that continue the story from the end of the Year of the Ant, and I'm going to use those and build from there... those pages are not formatted the way I want to format pages going forward, but for one month you'll just have to deal with some funky layouts on your screen for pages as I work through those. There is no point re-drawing them just to format them ideally for the webcomic format. Starting in July, I'll be into the same format all the time (at least that's the plan). As of right now, I can continue publishing webcomics 3 days a week for the foreseeable future, and by the time I get through my backlog, I should have enough new material, and be on a regular drawing routine, going forward.


  1. Dang, I missed the Kickstarter? Ah well, I look forward to the book and the new edition of the RPG anyway...

  2. You'll be able to eventually order pretty much everything that was available through the Kickstarter, and some of it sooner than I expected! I'm making some great progress on this project (knocks on lots of wood).