Friday, May 17, 2013

Negative, Negative... Just impacted on the surface

I should have known that titling my last few posts with obscure Red Leader quotes would lead to no good... the guy had a shot at taking down the Death Star and missed it. If you want something to go well the first time around, you send in your Jedi-in-training. That's what I get for invoking the lesser-known Star Wars quotes... that will teach me.

I digress.

Several backers reported problems getting the download of the first volume of comics from my direct link to the Google Docs account, so instead of trying to fix all of those, I've posted the comic to DriveThruComics and sent a download link to all backers who ordered the comics. If you didn't back the comics, this means that your time has come! Head over to DriveThruComics and get your copy. You may as well post a glowing review and tell all of your friends about it, too... I mean, you DID go to all the trouble of buying it and downloading it.

(Edit: I just realized that this is post #300. Woot for me.)

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