Saturday, April 18, 2015

And even MORE mapping

This afternoon, I decided I didn't like the map I had for Jurris Crossing... and so created this (which is actually the third map I've ever made for the Crossing, but maybe the last. I really like this one). I have learned to really enjoy mapping... it forces you to spend time thinking about who lives there, what they do, and what their motivations might be.

Here are some examples: there was once a wall, but it was shattered in the days leading up to the Great Reckoning - the new keep in the south 'breaks out' of the old town proper (which rubs locals the wrong way), the tower in the southeast is rumored to be haunted (no one goes there if they can help it), and the river to the north has long served as a source of food - but also of worry for local mothers, as its fast waters have claimed many young lives over the years. In just a few details, I have a richer and more interesting locale than just 'a nice town' and 'important crossroads' like I had before. Mapping caused me to think of those things...

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