Sunday, March 18, 2018

Cupcake Scouts the RPG Now Available

The Cupcake Scouts Song

We are the cupcake scouts
We’re brave and kind and smart
And when a vampire tries to bite
We stab it in the heart.

We are the cupcake scouts
And baking brings us joy
But sometimes we go to graveyards
The undead to destroy.

We are the cupcake scouts
We learn our lessons well
But if a demon rises up
We send it back to Hell!

Cupcake Scouts is a roleplaying game for two or more players. One player takes on the role of the Scoutmaster, the kindly spirit who sends the scouts to slay foul creatures and makes sure that they tuck in their shirts. Other players will take on the roles of cupcake scouts, girls who have joined a troop to make friends, learn how to bake, and drive the dark blight of chaos from this world.
            To play the game, you need this book, a few standard 6-sided dice, pencils, some index cards or paper, and an activate imagination. You should probably have some cupcakes or brownies, too, because those make everything better.

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