Friday, June 16, 2023

Arath Session Zero

With the revised and expanded rules, it's time for a revised and expanded solo campaign! I just want a solo character who I can take out, throw some dice, and kill some monsters. Collect treasure. Meat and potatoes. Easy peasy.
The number one goal has to be survivability. The number two goal should be damage output. The best defense being a good offense and all of that. Right away, this leads to a debate between two handed and two weapons. With two handed, I get +1 edge with attacks; with two weapons, I get a chance at a second attack each round (which is kind of like getting the edge; I still get to roll two dice each round), but also get the edge to armor checks.
I like that it’s not an easy decision. If there was an obvious better choice, then that’s a game design issue.
If I was going to be in a team, then what others do would factor heavily into my thinking. If I was going to be tanking for the group, shield it is (and maybe even more defensive tags); if I’m the primary damage dealer and others are going to support (like there’s a cleric-type who will have a shield and share it with me), it’s two-handed all the way.
All that said, I’m going to go with two handed. Meat and potatoes.
I’d like to have some light magic for versatility and healing, but 1) this takes up tags; 2) this requires some points in mind to make it effective; 3) it’s not guaranteed to work. Healing spells can fail. I’ve got to invest some significant resources in magic if I’m going to be good at it. Nope.
Okay, so I know no magic, and two handed as a tag.
I’m going to put as many points into might as I can, since this sets damage I can deal and damage I can sustain. That’s kind of obvious for a solo character, I’d think. I also think that fortitude (for that +3 hits per level) is obvious for me.
As far as distributing trait points, I have might 4, but have to decide on those other two. My default has been 2 in reflex and 0 in mind, but since resists tend to be pretty evenly divided among those two, I’m going to go with 1 in each. As a solo character, I need a little bit of diversity where I can get it, and this is a place I can get it. Rolling unmodified mind checks is going to be difficult.
My character so far:
Hits 12
Might 4; Mind 1; Reflex 1
Fortitude; Two Handed
I think I also go with warrior. +1 to hit is going to be nice with that +1 edge; should make me a pretty consistent hitter. That leaves 1 tag remaining. I think I go with luck. My solo character has no margin for error, which is sucky for a level 1 solo character. Luck gives me a get out of jail free card. I can use it on offense or defense, or on any sort of check. That’s the versatility I need, and it’s a relatively small investment to get it.
I have 12 gp. The priority has to be to one-shot things so that I don’t have to get into several rounds of armor checks. If I hit hard enough on the front end, I can end combats in one or two rounds. Getting into longer battles of attrition works against me, I would think. I can get a longsword for 8 gp. That’s 4 damage. This leaves me with 4 gp, which is not enough for any armor. So that stinks. However, the priority is dealing damage, so the longsword it is. I have my adventurer’s pack, so I’ll get a week of standard rations, and pocket the 3 gp for later. Here’s my guy:
Arath - Brooding Fighting Man 1 (XP 0)
Armor 0; Hits 12; Move 60’; Longsword (4)
Might 4; Mind 1; Reflex 1
Fortitude; Luck; Two-handed (+1 edge); Warrior (+1 to hit)
Longsword 4; Adventurer’s Pack; 3 gp

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