Tuesday, June 13, 2023

Hack'D & Slash'D - Once More With Feeling!

Hack'D & Slash'D 3.0 has been updated! The game is now 48 pages, and I've gone through and updated the files on drivethrurpg, so if you already purchased it, this new version will be an automatic update to your download. If you haven't gotten it yet, I'm not sure how I can convince you... it's a dollar. The print edition is $9.99, and I was happy keeping it under $10. I need to update my storefront on Lulu, because it's not displaying the game... but I'll figure it out. Links are below:

The pdf is here.

The print version is here.

Hack’D & Slash’D is a lean, fast, flexible, old-school fantasy RPG with several modern flourishes. While a previous edition of this game was rooted in the OGL, this new edition uses an original game engine, and is released under a Creative Commons Attribution ShareAlike license, allowing you to take, modify, and expand the game as much as you’d like. Hack’D & Slash’D:

  • Uses 1d12 exclusively with one-roll resolution.
  • Has flexible character building, allowing you to mix and match traits and tags to create any character you can imagine.
  • Employs an innovative magic system that allows you to easily track mana and make strategic decisions about how and when to use magic.
  • Includes simple and flexible rules for creatures, allowing you to quickly generate foes on the fly, or to develop more nuanced and unusual monsters, as needed.
  • Provides simple, consistent rules for checks and task resolution with concrete guidance to resolve all common game situations. 

This update expands the game to 48 pages, adds character options, simplifies and clarifies some mechanics, adds a complete bestiary, expands spellcasting options, and gives you more stuff to both hack and slash. A print edition is also now available, with links posted on my blog.

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