Friday, June 30, 2023

Hello, City (Hey)

With apologies to the Barenaked Ladies...

I showed my daughter a drawing of my elfin mystic yesterday, and she said "She's kind of like Raven". Grace reads Beastboy/Raven romantic graphic novels, which I am all in favor of, because A) Reading and B) Comics, but that got into my head a little bit. Because what if she's not just an elf, but a moon elf? And what if she's not just an apprentice, but the apprentice of someone that she just realized is one of the bad guys, and now she's gone rogue? And what if he's not just a solo bad guy, but he's part of a cult? And what if that cult is in the moon elf city? No. It's in THE moon elf city - the City of Vesper at the edge of the Shadow's Rift. And what if the Temple of the Shadowed Queen is in crisis, because a heretical order that claims their leader has seen a vision of her face, which is forbidden - but this priestess seems pretty confident- has sundered the church and brought chaos to the city? Like, at this point it's so bad that the thieve's guild is the only one you can trust? 

Honestly, that kind of sounds like a nifty novel. Or a campaign. Or both. Or just another idea I'll throw out to the universe and let wither on the vine.

You never really know with me.

Anyway, I'll probably pick up some dice today and find out a little more.

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