Wednesday, June 28, 2023

Spellcasters Are People Too (Sometimes)

I've been looking at giving spellcasters a little more juice. In thinking about some of the encounters that Arath is going to have in the Temple of Aluh Tehar, it seemed like some low-level casters were due to make an appearance. I figure that signature spells are a great place to infuse some variety into casters - each caster you encounter could have a unique spell that doesn't necessarily just smack you and deal damage, but which annoys or weakens or slows you down in some way. I also realized that casters and female characters are under-represented in my art so far, so here's a female caster to improve my statistical representation of both. My apologies to the ladies and the casters. I've added some cool little low-level signature spells to the living Hack'D & Slash'D Companion. One of the spells I'll be using soon follows:
Dust Storm (1).Use 1 action and check level to animate a small (10’ wide) area of dust that buffets a foe at range for 1 minute, following that foe as they move. The foe must check might at the beginning of every round or suffer -1 edge to all checks during that round.

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