Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Community Building: More on Reviews

One of my goals as I move into the next phase of all things Army Ants is to become a larger part of this community – both in comics and games. While maintaining a greater presence on the forums and engaging more in discussions on blogs will help, I’ve also decided that I need to make some sort of contribution to the community. To that end, I am going to start posting reviews once a week. I don’t know exactly what I’ll be reviewing yet over the long term, but I figure that I have a perfectly good library card, and my daughter loves going there at least once a week, so I may as well see what I can take out and review for all y’all. If you have a game or comic you’d like for me to look at, feel free to send it my way, and I’ll try to put together a schedule of some kind. Maybe I'll try to alternate, doing a comic one week and a game or accessory the following week...

The ancillary benefit of this is that I get to focus on the work of other writers and artists, and it can only hone my own craft by examining the work of others in a critical way. If it generates a little more traffic into my corner of the Internet, all the better. It’s your classic win-win-win scenario, my friends.

Tomorrow, I will lead off with a review of Mouse Guard: Fall 1152.

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