Thursday, August 8, 2013

Red Squad Rising Actual Play

I've been running a squad (it started as a platoon, but these things happen) through the boot camp character builder at the back of the core rules, with expected results; the first mission had a 20% survival rate. I'm to the point now where the boys have finished boot camp, and they're ready to go on their first true mission as Army Ants. I will probably run them through the two adventures at the back of the core rules, and then use them as I start to develop expansion materials for the game...

I've put the thread up in two places:
the rpgsite

And while I was tooling around with the Interwebz anyway, I decided to put up a downloadable Character Card. The kids love their character sheets.


  1. Is that boot-camp mission maybe TOO dangerous? On the other hand, it fits the setting -- ants do tend to sacrifice themselves for the nest, and fifteen ants versus a sparrow would justifiably result in what you had here.

    Makes me want to run a platoon thru to see what happens!

  2. The boot camp gauntlet is designed so that, ideally, you start with a squad of 5 or so ants and winnow it down to the last ant standing who becomes your player character. Through the process of the gauntlet, you learn something about him. It's inspired heavily by things I've read about the DCC funnel system. It seemed like fun, and like an appropriate overlay for the game. It makes me think of the beginning of Saving Private Ryan (and in a good way, I guess).

  3. I get back into technology and this is what I find?

    A whole lot of awesomeness?!?

    Seriously, I have so much to catch up on. It's great!