Thursday, August 1, 2013

It's still July!

As I start this post, it is 11:59 on July 31, and I have JUST finished the last sentence on the last page of MTDAA: Legacy Edition. The game is DONE. FINIS. COMPLETE.

Seriously, I would do a backflip, but that would really, really hurt. I mean, nothing good can come from that.

The game is 100% written and layout is finished. The entire book has been through my second-final edit. It needs one more edit, and I still have to go through to create the table of contents, the index, and add all page # citations (right now, I have dozens of places where is reads 'see page xx' because I wasn't sure what page the citation would end up on!)

I'm so excited that I want to share a page from the game... here's the Appendix for a Soldiers of Fortune Campaign:


So you find the military life too stifling, do you? Want to venture out from the hill and cut your mandibles in the real world? It sounds like you are ready to ditch the army and embark upon a life as a hired gun; a merc; a soldier of fortune. Good luck, tough guy… you’re going to need it!

In a Soldiers of Fortune campaign, the insect mercenaries (and you can play pretty much any insect you want) don’t serve a hill or Queen; they are not motivated by loyalty or honor; they want to get rich, and they’re good at doing dirty jobs.

Clout has no value as a soldier of fortune; the Wasp Mark (the official currency of Seven Fields) is everything. When converting the cost of an item or object from Clout to Wasp Marks, multiply its Clout value x10. A rifle that costs 50 Clout points will set you back 500 Wasp Marks (on the black market). That airplane that goes for 750 Clout is now going to run 7,500 Wasp Marks (if you can find it – and the ladybugs tend to make sure that things like 7,500 Mark-value military-grade aircraft don’t fall into the hands of mercenaries. Sorry about that). Oh, and when you trade things that you don’t want any more… you only get half credit on your investment… if your source is still in business and the Ant Republic hasn’t cleared him out of his hole in the ground.

The Benefits of being a Soldier of Fortune                                               
- You get to keep what you find! If you discover a box of fragmentation grenades, you get to take them home and put them in your basement! Nobody is going to tell you to turn them in; and if someone does, you can pop a cap in him!
- Nobody tells you what to do!
- You don’t have to worry about all of that political maneuvering and anterior-kissing that allows you to move up in rank and privilege. Might makes right in your world. Rank? Who needs THAT?

The Drawbacks of Being a Soldier of Fortune                               
- Three hots and a cot – you don’t have ‘em. You have to earn ‘em. Every. Single. Day.
- You don’t have a quartermaster to shine your boots, repair your rifle, re-stock your satchel and replace the batteries in your flashlight. You’re it, bub.
- You break it, you bought it. You crashed your new helicopter? Oh, sorry ‘bout that… guess you have to start saving up for another one.
- Remember that military organization that you gleefully left behind? Yeah. Those guys. They remember you, too… and they are none too happy that you’ve gone from ally to loose end. They don’t like loose ends. And they have bigger guns than you do.

So, What Am I Worth?
As a soldier of fortune, expect to earn about 10x your XP value in Wasp Marks for completing a mission; however, if you fail – don’t expect a cent.


I'm off to bed... see you on the flip side.

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