Monday, August 5, 2013

Player's Guide Now Live on RPG Now - and it's FREE!

The free download of the Player's Guide (the first 72 pages of the RPG) is now available at RPGNow. This should keep you busy for a few days. I will have the full rules finished and up by the end of the week (and probably sooner - I have about 80 pages still to do final edits of).

Thanks to the Kickstarter backers who achieved the stretch goal that allowed this to happen. Now a LOT of people are going to be exposed to the game who might otherwise have missed it.



  1. Reading it right now, and it looks good. One minor mistake -- lance corporals are a step below corporals, not above them.

  2. Well, I've only had that wrong for 15 years... come to think of it, someone may have mentioned this to me at some point. I fixed it in the core rules, and I'll update the Player's Guide in a day or two (waiting to see if anything else pops up).