Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Absolute Power Now Live

Absolute Power is the first full sourcebook for the Sentinels of Echo City RPG, expanding on the character creation rules from the core game. Included are all the rules you need for using pre-generated characters, guidelines for modeling characters from comics and movies, and a robust random character generation system. You can use this to build characters for your Sentinels of Echo City game, or you can do like I do all the time, and just use this to make hundreds of wonky random supers for fun.

Don’t judge me.

Since it uses the OGL, the basic mechanics and terms should be familiar, and because it’s released under a Creative Commons Share-Alike License, you can publish your own supers anywhere and anyhow you’d like.

Also, because of the incredible support of the Splintered Realm Community, I’m offering this as a pay-what-you-want download. You can spend the day making superheroes, and do it for free! It’s like Christmas in July. Only without the Christmas. Or the July.

A copy of the character sheet on one page is also available, posted at

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