Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Earth D: Epitome

Since this is the first post in my Splintered Realities series, it makes sense to start with the first hero...

Epitome, the Ultimate Man (Hero 12)
Altered Human; Professional Adventurer; Resources 10
AC 24; HD 12d6 (hp 180); Move 5 miles (fly 5 miles); FEAT +13; Strike (+15/1d10+9); Eye Beam (+14/1d8+8/120’); Blast of Wind (6d6 damage; 30’; 8x per turn)
STR 24 (+9); INT 12 (+3); PWR 22 (+8)
DEX 22 (+8); CON 24 (+9); CHA 14 (+4)
Traits: Attribute Surge (x4; STR/DEX/CON/PWR); Burst of Wind (breath, 12d6 pool per turn); Bolt of Light (eye beams 1d8); Enhanced Senses; Flight (10 miles); Hyperspeed (10 miles); Invulnerability; Pummel (1d10); Quickness; X-Ray Vision
Talents: Expertise (STR x2, DEX, CON x2; PWR); Iron Will
Drawbacks: Major allergy to Element T (see below); Secret (murdered Skylar Price); Vow (to never take innocent life again)
Purpose: "To protect mankind from Armageddon."

“The Visitor from Tomorrow”, Epitome was bio-engineered during the 30th Century to be the ultimate superhero. When those in his time realized that events that will destroy the earth were set in motion 1000 years earlier, when Skylar Price assumed the mantle of Queen of Death; Epitome willingly traveled to the past to change the course of human history and save his future world. In order to minimize disruption to the time stream, he has retained only enough to change key events, memories which are activated at pre-determined points in time, all other knowledge of the future permanently erased. His first action was to murder Skylar Price to prevent her rise to power. This left him devastated, and he took a vow never to harm another innocent, and also took on her brother as his protege, training him as he became the Twilight Archer, unaware that Epitome was the murderer.
Epitome later founded the Justice Collective to bring other heroes to his side and usher in a new age of heroes.

Unknown to himself or those who prepared him for travel, the isotope that allows time travel, Element T, changes its nature during time travel, becoming exceptionally poisonous to any creature who has traveled through time. Therefore, Epitome (and any other character who has traversed time) is exceptionally allergic to Element T. Less than one pound of the element exists in Earth D, although this has been broken up, and some has fallen into the hands of evil forces. Even a trace amount can cause mortal harm to Epitome.

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