Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Sentinels of Echo City: Splintered Realities

I'm almost done with Absolute Power (no, really!), but I've been simultaneously working through notes on a number of projects for Sentinels of Echo City. One of them is something I don't want to print and publish, but have decided to use the blog to work on, and the Splintered Realm Forum to archive and organize...

Here goes:

Sentinels of Echo City embraces as many superhero comics tropes as possible. One of those tropes is the existence of many universes of existence: alternate worlds with alternate supers who have emerged. I spent some time reading up on the Squadron Supreme, and have been inspired to formalize some alternate realities. Two of these splintered realities that I want to explore are Earth D and Earth M. In working up some characters for these two realities, I realized that one character was so similar between them as to be, in terms of game stats, virtually identical.

The archer.

But this is the thing. I'm in the process of making my game's variation, Twilight Archer, central to the future storyline of Echo City. And then I thought, what if he was central to all realities' stories? What if his interactions with the worlds were central to what happened?

Bingo. This is so the win.

You see, on Earth D, a powerful superhuman, Epitome, the ultimate man, was sent from the far future to prevent one key event: the ascension of the Dark Queen, the character who in the world of Resolute Earth is now the teenage heroine Vesper. He was successful, but we don't know yet at what cost. Epitome may be the greatest hero who ever lived, and he leads that team's most powerful group, but how long can he keep the secret from that world's Twilight Archer that he is the one who killed the archer's sister to prevent Armageddon.

Earth M has seen just the opposite. No visitor has come from the future, and the Dark Queen has ascended. She may only be a teen, but this powerful mutant rules over the realm of death itself, and the rise of the great superhuman team has been largely to oppose her, specifically her servant Glyn the Trickster King, her lieutenant on earth. That world's Twilight Archer is a key member of that team, working diligently to both overcome and save his sister.

And on Resolute Earth, a few heroes have learned of these alternate realities, of this potential for Vesper's future, and have decided to intervene in positive ways, seeking to influence her for good and keep from from the dark path that could consume her.

It's going to be a lot of fun working on this :)

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