Saturday, August 22, 2015

Because I Cannot Believe I Am Working On This Right Now (or darn you, Splintered Realm Community, darn you to heck!)

Look at this! Look at what you are making me do! I can’t even right now….

Lord Valar, The High Inquisitor of Terra System
Chaotic Terran Dark Templar 9
AC 20; HD 10d6 (hp 99); Move 40’; Feat +16; Templar’s Greatsword (+8/1d12+7)
                STR 12 (+3); INT 12 (+3); WIS 20 (+7)
                DEX 10 (+2); CON 14 (+4); CHA 14 (+4)
Traits:  Body Armor (+3); Dark Templar’s Sword (1d8); Source Attunement (Shadow)
Talents: Armor Use; Quick Strike; Two-Handed Attack; Weapon Mastery

One of the five high inquisitors serving the Grand Inquisitor, Lord Valar rules with an iron fist. His attunement with the Shadow Source allows him to perform five Source Stunts each turn, rolling 1d20+20 for each attempted stunt.

As a terran templar, you are an adherent of an ancient code, a follower of the Source of Light, and a champion of justice in an unjust galaxy. As a Dark Templar, you are an adherent of the Source of Shadow, bringing darkness to all you touch.

The Source
A powerful energy field, the source is residue energy from the destruction of the goddess of light. The opposite, the Shadow Source, allows you to tap into the residual dark energy that contributed to her destruction.

As a wielder of the source, you get to do a number of things:
Add your WIS modifier to damage rolls when wielding source weapons (instead of STR).
Use the Source to perform Source Events

Source Events
Your attunement to the source allows you to perform a number of special actions each turn, manipulating it for a special effect a number of times each turn equal to your LM. As a terran templar 7, you have 4 opportunities per turn to manipulate the source to perform a special effect called an Event. (or maybe 'Stunt' would be better)

Compel Shadow/Compel Light. You channel your attunement to the Source to control beings of pure shadow or pure light (as applicable), either holding them at bay or forcing them to flee from your presence for 1 turn.

Control. You channel your ability into mentally manipulating a thinking target with whom you can communicate. You can do this up to 10’ per WIS modifier. You force the target to roll a Feat, modified by your WIS modifier, to resist your control.

Focus. You channel your ability with the source into a situational bonus for 1 round. You can elect to add your WIS modifier to your AC, to attack rolls, to damage rolls, or to Feats (or distribute these as needed). For instance, with WIS 14 (+4), you could elect to add +1 to your AC (dodging a strike that would have hit you), +1 to a Feat (narrowly making a sense Feat), and +2 to damage (dealing extra damage with your source blade).

Heal (light only). You channel your ability into a healing touch that restores 1d6 + your WIS modifier hit points to a living creature.

Wound (shadow only). You channel your ability into a wounding touch that deals 1d6 + your WIS modifier hit points to a living creature; no resist is allowed, and no hit roll is required.

Telekinesis. You can move objects with your mind, up to 10’ x your WIS score distant.

- As a standard check (target 20), move an object weighing up to 100 lbs. (notably less would give up to +4 to the check; notably more would force up to -4 to the check)

- As a titanic check (target 30), move an object weighting up to 10 tons. (notably less would give up to +4 to the check; notably more would force up to -4 to the check)

For instance, a small goblin-like light source wielder of level 12 with WIS 24 could lift an interceptor out of a bog pretty easily, needing only a roll of 6 on the die to lift an object weighting up to 10 tons (the typical interceptor weighs about half that much ... and YES I looked it up!).

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