Tuesday, August 4, 2015


Here is ladybug, who appears in Absolute Power as the sample of character creation... I actually rolled her up, and only fudged one time! (I re-rolled exceptional human to get something with powers, and ended up with altered human)... other than that, all rolls were what I actually got!

Ladybug (Hero 3)

Mercy Lewis; High School Student; Altered Human; Resources 7
AC 16; HD 3d6 (hp 20); Move 40’; Feat +9;
                Strike (+6/1d6+4) or Mind Blast (2d6 damage/30’/5x per turn)
                STR 14 (+4); INT 12 (+3); PWR 16 (+5)
                DEX 14 (+4); CON 12 (+3); CHA 9 (+1)
Traits:                   Mind Blast; Nullify; Regenerate; Remote Sensing;
                                                Temporary Surge; Wall Crawling
Talents:                Improved Dice (Strike); Photographic Memory
Drawback:           Dependent

Mercy is a high school student who volunteered to take part in a clinical trial involving the healing properties of ladybug bio-receptors that paid $500. She did this to help support her younger brother, since their parents are deceased. The trial went horribly wrong, and she ended up in a coma for several weeks. When she awoke, she had been awarded a large settlement (in a trust fund). A few weeks later, she discovered that she started to develop superhuman abilities as a result of the experiment. She now masquerades as Ladybug, but hopes one day to be rid of her powers.

                Her temporary surge grants +2 to her DEX (and +1 to AC) when she is reduced to half of her hit points or fewer (10 or fewer).

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