Friday, April 3, 2020

Mimsby’s Journal: A Solo Play for Tales of the Splintered Realm

Inspired by this post by Dyson Logos, I decided to create a solo character (Mimsby, a gnome trickster) and use the Solitaire Framework and Tales of the Splintered Realm to do some old-fashioned tomb raiding. Away we go…. I keyed the map as I adventured.

Part the First

Having learned of a Rod of 9 Parts hidden among the Funeral Mounds of the Sullen Marches, I set out to recover them. I first entered the Mound of Remembrance, the rumored rest of a skeletal soldier of some repute.

I was able to pick the lock to the door of the mound, sneaking within quietly. I was met with thick cobwebs and ancient dust. I failed to notice the trapped stair just beyond the door, and I set off the spear that fired upon me from the opposite wall. I deftly evaded this, and it wedged itself into the door. I vowed to move forward more carefully.

Entering a main hall, I was attacked by some form of minor dust elemental that arose from the thick grime. I timed my defense perfectly, cutting through it in two quick strikes of my blades. It dissipated immediately. The tombs nearby had been prepared but never used.

(Note: Mimsby failed to find a loose stone in one of the alcoves that contained something of interest).

I continued northward and watched as rats scurried away from me. I entered what appeared to be a mundane storage area. Many of the less valuable possessions of the dead soldier were placed here, but they have long-since rotted and decayed. I found nothing of value. However, I found a fabric covering a strange shape, and removed it to find the carefully-preserved corpse of a war dog. It came to life and attacked me.  I was able to evade its bite, but I struggled to prepare my blades to counter-attack. I dodged its second bite, and my swords found their mark. I gave it its final rest. Another check of the chamber gleaned nothing of value.

(Note: There is nothing of value to find)

As I was leaving, I realized that something had attracted a small pack of rats that set upon me. 4 of them attacked. I still had my swords at the ready, and I was able to bring the fight to them. I killed one immediately, but then the other three were upon me. I managed to beat one away, but two delivered cruel bites to my arm and leg. (Mimsby suffers 5 hp damage). I managed to deliver a grievous wound to one and decapitated another. Only one remained. He hesitated a moment, but decided his hunger was greater than the threat I posed. As he leapt at me, I stabbed him through the heart. I rested for several minutes to recover my strength, drinking some of the thin wine and eating a piece of the flatbread I had brought along. I hoped that I would find something soon that would afford me a better meal.

I made my way to the tomb towards the east. The door was locked and trapped. I discovered the poison needle in the door, but set it off while trying to disarm it, much to my chagrin. The poison turned my arm blue, but I managed to tie off the arm below the shoulder and cut myself to bleed out enough of the poison to survive. It made me violently ill, however. I was worried the sounds of my screaming and the smell of blood would bring on scavengers, but I was lucky to avoid that fate. I rested again.

Once I had my wits about me, I entered the door and descended into the resting place of the old soldier. It was a casket surrounded by valuables – crates of coins, a variety of jewelry, a handful of weapons. As I perused it, I quickly noticed the forgeries. At best, the entirely of the chamber was worth a handful of copper coins. It was all fakery of the lowest quality, easily detected by even a mediocre fence. As I prepared to wedge open the casket, I was attacked by a huge spider that had been slowly descending upon me as I examined the chamber. I cursed myself for my foolishness in not looking up before entering this hall.

I felt the presence of the spider just before it bit at my neck, and managed to leap forward of its snapping mandibles. I swung at it twice, but my strikes met only air. It fell to the ground and charged at me, snapping viciously. It bit the ground at my feet, kicking up a cloud of dust. I decided to press my luck no further, whispering an incantation that loosed an arcane dart, which burst directly into the mouth of creature, causing it to combust. I could see its web 30’ overhead. I could see something bundled up there, and decided I must investigate. I first opened the casket to find a skeleton inside; this instantly came to life and attacked. I was not surprised in the least, and I drove my sword through its eye socket as it sprung to life, destroying it quickly. I searched the chamber twice, but I was unable to find anything of value. I was frustrated beyond measure; either the rumors I had paid for were wrong, or I was missing something. Either possibility was unnerving. I returned to Stalwart Keep no richer, but perhaps a bit wiser than I had been at the start of this fool’s errand.

(Note: He failed to find the secret door! Ugh)

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