Saturday, July 23, 2022

Let's Read MTDAA The RPG: Part 4B

I've been going through some of the original comic pages and doing some re-mastering... and then about twenty pages in I went back and started over, because I realized that the font I was using was just too large, and the pages needed more breathing room. THEN I went back and realized that on the 50+ pages I'd already re-mastered, the font was a little too SMALL... so I started fixing THOSE pages, too. So now I have about 20 pages that have been re-re-remastered, and they look pretty good. Some pages I wish the font was a little bigger, and some pages I wish it was a little smaller, so I suppose it's just about right. I am using Creative Block for the comics I'm remastering, but I'd been using Anime Ace for the pages I was creating new... so I'm not sure what to do. I like Creative Block better with how my style used to be, but I like Anime Ace better with how my style is now... which is weird. I might keep playing with Creative Block for the newer pages, because it is closer to my natural lettering style, which is pretty sloppy; but Creative Block is a 'sloppy' looking style, so it works for me. Anime Ace looks more polished, so it fits with my more polished current drawings.

It's a conundrum.

But, I needed a break from that, so decided to head back to the RPG and gather some more thoughts. I've already posted a bit about vehicle and speed rule changes, so I bear that in mind as I go through this section.

In pages 63-72, we get a good selection of military vehicles and some (to me) interesting bits about the history and development of ant warfare. Most of the mechanics and statistics for vehicles are going to change, so this section is going to be antiquated once the supplement I'm taking notes for comes together.

However, one thing that I didn't include in the previous commentary on vehicle rules was about weapons systems... I've had this x10 scale for vehicle weapon damage; a vehicle weapon that deals 1D6 damage actually deals 10-60 points if it hits an ant. Fortunately, Quora had a great conversation about this topic, and I was able to learn a lot. In short, anti-vehicle weapons are bigger, yes, but more importantly they have exploding shells that are designed to deal significantly more damage. So, my use of the x10 scale for vehicle vs. bug damage is a pretty good approximation for how this actually works. I like it because it allows the numbers to scale starting from zero, and keeps the top numbers small. 

There are references in this section to Mechanics checks being required to upgrade vehicles, but I don't see the specific rules for how this works... that's something I need to investigate and play test further.

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