Thursday, July 21, 2022

Re-mastering the Ants

Two years ago, I started a project that I never finished - the idea was to re-master the original pages. I was going through a page at a time: tougching up art, re-doing the lettering, cleaning up dialogue where I could. The pages were coming out well, and I got through almost three issues before I ran out of gas on the project. However, I see now that it is worth continuing and finishing; I was actually through the most difficult pages in terms of art (these were the weakest pages I was going to deal with), and the lettering work was pretty fun to do, since it's all digital. It gave me warm fuzzies to fix some of the clunky dialogue of those earlier issues... and it gave me hope to have a complete, good looking omnibus of 300+ pages of army ants comics that I was proud of.

My dive back into that work started with this image - I re-drew what is to me the 'classic' cover to MTDAA #1, including Slab and Honeydew, who to me became as much a part of the team as the core five. I can see both how far my drawing has come, and how much it retains of work I was doing 25 years ago. Ultimately, this is definitely the cover to whatever omnibus sort of collection I do. I really like it.

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