Tuesday, November 22, 2022

Productive Snow Day

We had our third snow day in a row, so I got a TON of work done expanding Hack'D & Slash'D. I've always thought of building a game by releasing completed supplements, and using this blog to give 'in progress' updates as they seemed appropriate. However, there is a lot of design work I do behind the scenes that never sees the light of day. I have decided to do that work in a very public and immediate way, and created a series of Google Docs that are set up to expand the game ever forward. There is a companion (sort of a combined Unearthed Arcana and Monster Manual II), a campaign guide (world book), and megadungeon... and I love it. I don't feel the need to stock every room of a level before releasing it. I have a map (which I recycled from seven years ago, turned sideways, and re-keyed) and a bunch of foundational information. I don't have a map for the inn yet, so I just did a quick write up. Great. There's enough there for me to play, and enough for you to improvise around, so it's worth sharing. As I do actual plays/more writing, I can go in and edit the document, and (if you happen to be in the document at the moment), you can watch me edit in real time.

All these links are on the left side, the top link.

The way I set up the core rules has allowed me to frame all expansions in the same format, which is a tremendous help. I have the core rules that are pretty well locked down, and a way to expand the game in multiple directions. The ONLY thing I'm missing is a regular presence on DriveThruRPG. People 'out there' need to see that I'm updating the game with some regularity. I think that maybe a series of one-page adventures is the way to go. I can design these relatively quickly, make them look pretty sharp, and put them up as pay-what-you wants. The whole idea of these is that they increase visibility for the core rules, not necessarily serving as a money-maker on their own.

I mean, the core rules are only a dollar, so none of this is a cash cow, but maybe I'll end up starting a Patreon or something at some point if the game catches on. Who knows? For now, I'm having fun working on it, and I'm happy that more people than I expected have downloaded it. 


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