Thursday, November 24, 2022

Several Discoveries

I had heard about the five room dungeon before ('natch', as Max Traver likes to say), but had never really given the concept more than a passing thought. It seemed like, 'okay... yeah... sure', but not particularly revolutionary or anything.

Count me as a believer.

I have now created two mini-modules for Hack'D & Slash'D using the five-room dungeon design suggestions, and I love them both. I just posted the second one. I also have been playing with my mapping style a little bit to make maps that are 1) at least passably attractive; 2) stylistically aligned with the game; and 3) quick and easy to make. I think I've found a winning format, as you can see below... (this is the map for mini-module 2):

However, I can also see how this will allow me to build my mega-dungeon... I can conceive of it as dozens of these five-room dungeons... which each have 1+ entry/exits. Some will be dead ends (you only can leave the way you came in), some will be through-lines (you can go backward, or forward into the next section), or will be connected to other sections (the well in area 3 drops into a mini-dungeon two levels lower; there is a secret door in area 4 that leads into another mini-dungeon at the bottom of some stairs, the magically-sealed portal in area 5, once you find the command word, leads into a deeper extension of this module). 

This is FANTASTIC stuff. Again, count me as a believer.   

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving!

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