Wednesday, November 23, 2022

Thinking Spells

In my draft for the druid, I have them getting access to nature magic (well, duh)... and I was thinking that I'd organize this as under faith spells, with a tag as 'nature' so that you know these are 'special' faith spells. But maybe the better way to go is to view the subclasses, and whatever special spells they might use, as a whole different sub-system. Rather than druids are a sub-class of cleric which gets special forms of cleric spells, maybe druids are an optional class with a secondary spell line. In the game, the four main classes and two spell lines are the biggies... but druids have their own spell selection (which I guess is how 5E does it... and kind of how 3E did it... so good for me for solving a game design problem others solved a few decades ago). I suddenly have more 'room' to work with because I am viewing this game as an almost entirely digital book, so page count is not even remotely a concern, and ease of finding things is paramount. If I end up with the same spell written up in three different spell lists, it's no big deal.

That tracks.

Okay, back to re-organizing that...

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