Saturday, August 19, 2023

Help Me Internet (You're My Only Hope)

So, this morning I became aware of this...

and this...

Um. So, like Badge Quest is a complete ripoff of my game, right? I mean, it's not even TRYING to pretend it didn't. It's stealing the same images and the same characters in the same poses. It's just, exactly my game, but by someone else. I mean, the dude stole the hair buns. I perused the rules, and the mechanics are straight out of my game. It's not even remotely trying to pretend it's not.


If you are me, what do you do? I put a copyright notice in this in 2018. That has to mean SOMETHING, right?


  1. 1) need link to where your product is for sale to compare. Cover isn't compelling.
    2) recommend you contact Kickstarter soon, showing examples from your copyrighted material and the material in the Kickstart, asking for the campaign to at least be put on hold while they investigate, if not cancelled.

    1. Here's the link to the original game:

    2. And I understand that the art at the time was much more rudimentary than what I'm doing now. I get that. But the ideas and images look very much like they were created after someone looked at my game and was 'inspired'.

  2. Holy crap. I'm sorry I don't have any advice to offer as I know nothing about this sort of thing. Just here as support.

  3. One more thing - I have historically been REALLY hesitant to claim someone stole my ideas. I believe very much in serendipity and great minds thinking alike. I have seen a LOT of things come out that are like things I come out with - that happens. It's part of the creative process. This is the first thing I've seen where I go "yeah. They totally took my idea". This one went right to my gut when I saw it.

  4. +1 on support for you.

    I agree with PatrickW, get your facts together and contact Kickstarter as soon as possible. Your 1st edition was published 2018 and if is anything like your 2nd edition, there is no Creative Commons or OGL license associated with it, which in my opinion (not legal advice or anything), is a positive thing in your favor.